Everyone needs to take care of the "girlz!

My Story

CharlieI recently became a breast cancer survivor. I am a very active person, but kept procrastinating about doctor visits for check ups. There always seemed to be other issues that received more of my attention. It only became front and center with me after the national  media was having discussions on when women should start receiving yearly mammograms. I decided that mine was long over due and made my appointment.

I have a family history of cancers that was lingering in my mind. I had my mammogram and the bad news was evident. I had 4 sites of concern that warranted further review. After more mammogram images and biopsies, one site was cancerous. I found out on Christmas eve, not exactly the best time to hear this news. But it gave me the opportunity to talk with friends and families and build my network of strength. I realized that more women  than I thought also procrastinated on making these annual health check ups.

Lots of procedures and surgery removed my cancerous tissue and it was determined I had caught it early. Removal was so clean, it was decided I did not have to go through radiation or chemotherapy. As the doctors said, those treatments were not going to add a single day to my life. WOW, I had escaped the bullet,   BUT WHY??????

I spent several months thinking about it all and of course discussing with friends and family about the whole experience. There was a reason that it happened to me. I am an active, positive, full of life, organized type of person. I decided more women needed to talk to each other and encourage, remind and support each other about our health issues as we get older. There is no magic pill or a single information source that we   will learn  from as we go through our life. We learn as we go or though our friends and families own experiences.

So I said to myself, what can I say or do that will encourage my family and friends to stay ahead with their health. That's when the idea of a message on a shirt would work. We wear slogans for all kinds of products but why not about ourselves. I came up with the idea of      IT"S ALL ABOUT MY GIRLZ.   This represents women friendships with other women and also women's breasts and health issues

I want women to wear their apparel and start the conversations going about healthy living with your girl friends and families. It's all about communication and education about awareness. Sometimes it is just the reminder we need to make those appointments for our preventative check ups.

I also realize that more of my friends and families were without medical coverage to make those appointments. So in honor of my grandmothers Stella and Madeline who both succumbed to breast cancer, we will be making donations to help cancer groups support programs that will sponsor preventative check ups. THE STELLA AND MADELINE FOUNDATION  will be started in their honor. They both lived in a time when no preventative was available, it was diagnosis, radical removals and untimely passings before their time. In honor of all those strong women who have come before us.........
I hope everyone has the opportunity to live long, healthy lives,